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Sober Samaritan Scholarship Recipients:

Matt L was the recipient of the 1st Sober Samaritan Scholarship

Matt has maintained his sobriety since his stay at Caron in the spring of 2008. He was our Guest Speaker at the Sober Samaritan's Night of Music and Recovery. His gratitude is exceeded only by his accomplishments these last few years. 

Sarah G. was the recipient of the 2nd Sober Samaritan Scholarship. She completed treatment and she is doing well. Sarah asked me to post this update and note of gratitude on the website.

My Name is Sarah and I am an alcoholic and heroin addict. I’m thirty-six years old and I now live in Wilmington, Delaware, . My drug use started when I was about 16 years old. The first time I had a drink was when I was 15, and I knew then there was something different about me. For the past three years, I had been using heroin too, and honestly it brought me to my knees. I found myself homeless, crashing at friend’s houses, and doing horrible things to maintain my habit everyday. I would wake up every morning just wanting to die.


Then I was arrested on April 17th 2009 that was the day I knew, sitting in back of that cop car, my hopeless life was going to change. I just didn’t know how.


About a month later I told my family that I needed help, and three days later I found myself sitting in the back of my brother’s car driving to Caron Treatment Centers. When I got to Caron I found out that The Sober Samaritan Fund had paid for my treatment via scholarship. I spent thirty-four days at Caron. Then, my counselor suggested I go to Wilmington,DE, to a half-way house called The Limen House. One thing I’ve learned is that using heroin was a symptom. The real problem was me and how I coped with my life.

The Sober Samaritan Fund saved my life; Caron showed me that I was really sick mentally, physically, and spiritually. And The Limen House is teaching me a new way to live again without drugs or alcohol. I thank the many people who donated their money to get me clean, which I just recently learned was over 600. I thank my family for listening to my cry for help. I thank Caron Treatment Centers for helping me when I was really sick. I thank The Limen House for supporting me and teaching me a new way of life. Without all of these people I surely would have been dead by now.


You all have a special place in my heart, and I will be forever grateful to you all.



Sincerely Yours,

Sarah G              

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