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Our Plan

Our Plan

The Sober Samaritan follows the basic charitable principle of “many helping one.”  We get $10 or $20 or $25 each from THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. With just a few bucks each from a lot of people, we can save one life at a time. Of course, some folks give a little more. The first Sober Samaritan Scholarship recipient, Matt L., was given his second chance at life by 681 separate contributions from 38 states.

In addition to the treatment scholarships that are funded by our efforts, The Sober Samaritan continues to fund other campaigns and sponsors and produces safe and sober concerts and events that raise awareness in the community.

I know that I will get the support of those who know and care about recovery from alcoholism and addiction. I also want to reach outside the circle of people that already know and care, raise awareness, and get a few bucks and a good thought about alcoholism, treatment, and sobriety from new sources. So, I'll ask each of you reading this to forward the sample e-mail below to your address list. 

Below, Casey congratulates Caitlin after her moving story to over 350 in attendance at the
Richard J Caron Award of Excellence Dinner in October 2009
Dear Friends: 
I just made a donation to the Sober Samaritan, a cause started by my good friend Casey Duffy. Casey started The Sober Samaritan in 2007 as he approached his 25th anniversary of sobriety, and raised the first $25,000 for a "Sober Samaritan Scholarship" to Caron Treatment Centers that year. That first recipient, Matt L., is clean and sober for over FIVE YEARS  now!
The Sober Samaritan is not looking for thousand dollar donations, or even hundred dollar donations; Casey wants everyone to be able to help in this effort.

Please go to Casey's website right now and see what he is doing: If you agree with his mission, please forward this message to those people who you know that may also be compelled by a story like this.

Wouldn't it be neat if one day we met someone that was helped by the Sober Samaritan?
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